I am a creative London-based photographer specialised in various aspects of food and travel photography.

As all Italians do, I love good food and I love to cook. My mum is a great chef and I grew up around the kitchen. Travel is also been one of my biggest passions. I find really interesting to observe the world and the peculiarities from every different country. My mission is to bring my travel experience in the kitchen and transform them into recipes and beautiful images.

I want to show how countries can express their different cultures through food and images.

I undestand how important is for businesses to have professional and enticing images to show their products at its best. I always put particular attention to detail and I always shoot with natural light or daylight style photography in studio to produce not overly styled and true images.

I take time to understand each client’s needs and produce a range of professional, affordable and inviting photos that can be used on websites, social media, or for other forms of advertising.

If you are a business which specialises in a nation’s cuisine or want to bring your culture into your food and photos I might be the right person for you! 


For pricing enquiries and availability please contact me on